Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tea Time

Tea Time Dress

It's one of those days it seems. I spent all day sewing, and all I ended up with is 1 dress! Nothing I made turned out good enough, and definitely not good enough to sell. Luckily this dress did. It's available in my Etsy shop now. I love the fabric!

Tea Time!


Talking about my shop, I still don't know if I should open another shop or not. Most people who replied and voted on my Crafts & Cuteness blog said it would be best to wait and see how well the Blythe items sell first. I think that's a good idea. So far I haven't sold any of them yet.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mimi's First Photoshoot

Here I some pictures of Mimi that I took when I took her outside for the first time, back in September 2007!

Another Big Tree

Under The Trees

Keep Off The Lawn

Cool Van

I remember how weird I felt taking pictures of her outside. I really had to get used to the staring people. In fact, I think I'm still not used to it!

For those of you who have dolls themselves: How do you feel about taking pictures of them in public? Do you get a lot of stares? Does it make you feel uncomfortable, or do you just not care?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shop Advice Needed!

I need some advice concerning Blythe items in my shop. When I started my shop I didn't think about the fact that maybe it wouldn't be so great to have both my jewelry & accessoiries as my Blythe goodies in one shop.

Now it has come to the point where it is like that, and I'm not sure how much I like it. What do you think? Would it be better to start a new shop for my Blythe items? I'd call it Tinylicious by Tizzalicious, so I'd still have my name there.

I think what bothers me most about opening a second shop is having to market that one too, and the fact that if someone would want something Blythe and something jewelry, it would be hard to combine the order. I could of course state that I can combine shipping if someone would like to order from both shops. But how would I go about that? Tell them I will refund? Or tell them to wait paying and send them a paypal invoice?

Does anyone of you have 2 shops, and how do you deal with that?

I created a poll in the left side bar, please vote and tell me what you think is best!

Meet June & Mimi!

Hi! Welcome to Tinylicious!

I am Tizz, a 25 year old girl from Holland. You might know my from my other blog: Tizzalicious Crafts & Cuteness, where I write about crafts, cuteness, fashion and my shop. I used to write about Blythe there too, but I figured it would be best to keep all my Blythe rambles seperate, so they won't bother those who aren't interested in Blythe at all. (Hello boyfriend!)

So yes, a Blythe blog! I will write about my dolls, post many many pictures, and I will show you the latest Blythe creations in my shop.

Now let me introduce my 2 girls!

My Love Mission Mimi:

New dress 1

Mimi arrived here on September 7th, 2997. I adopted her from a far far away land. She seems happy with me though. She was spraymatted and had her bangs cut when she came to me. I love her this way!

And my second girl, my Cloud 9 Bowl June:


June arrived here only a month later, on October 8th, 2007. She came from Australia. I initially fell in love with her stock outfit, which I originally didn't get. I bought her nude from someone who was only interested in the outfit. Look at her cute face though, she's adorable in any outfit!

I managed to get her stock outfit on TIB a few months ago, so now June can be a rockabilly babe again.

I sanded June myself. It was super scary, but much easier than I expected.

If you'd like to see more of them, without waiting for new posts, just go to my Flickr.