Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out Of The Blythe Loop

Near the water

Help! I'm feeling completely out of the Blythe loop. I started my Tinylicious shop and this blog with a whole lot of enthusiam, but the other shop (Tizzalicious) has kept me so busy that I have completely neglected my dollies! Now fall is almost here, along with the crap light that isn't nice for photography, and I feel like I missed "Dolly Photography Season".

What do you when you are out of the dolly loop? Or any loop, for that matter? I just started posting on TIB again, I hadn't done that forever either. I'm a bad bad dolly mommy. My poor June & Mimi must feel so neglected!


Pigwidget said...

Oh! This is so me too! I'm all caught up in creating my new autumn/winter goodies for my own shop, but feel very much out of the loop as I see others posting their Halloween creations now! I meant to, but time has just run away with me - again! So if you'd like to join the "bad dolly mommy" club with me, then you'd be in good/bad company :D

BTW, if you'd like to add me to your "roll", please do - and be sure to check out my b'log too!

Sandy Michelle said...

Not to worry..it's been a busy few months! I feel guilty that I haven't photographed my Blythes in a while. They look like they are frowning at me right now:)


Hege said...

Oh my goodness, this just appear like a treasure for me... I WANT A BLYTH!!! But I non´t know where to buy it. Anyway I love your blog. Hope you don´t remind me making a favorite link... Hege