Friday, November 28, 2008

Cousin Olivia Will Be Mine!

Remember I was thinking about buying Cousin Olivia? I managed to control myself for a while, because my money situation wasn't looking too great, but I got some unexpected funds (thank you tax returns!) so I decided to go for it and buy her!

I'm so exciiiiiited!

I did a little more Blythe shopping actually, I bought some dresses on Etsy today, and earlier this week my package from Minki Dynamite arived. I bought a coat and a cape in her super cute Etsy shop. Pictures of those are coming as soon as the weather & light cooperate!

Pretty Portrait

This entry was looking a little empty without a picture, so here's an oldie of June!

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Sandy Michelle said...

I bought a Santa suit for one of my Blythes cause I was feeling guilty about them being so neglected. Hope I'll get around to taking some pix before Christmas!